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GALLIVANT Nomad Discovery Set GALLIVANT Nomad Discovery Set GALLIVANT Nomad Discovery Set GALLIVANT Nomad Discovery Set
GALLIVANT Nomad Discovery Set GALLIVANT Nomad Discovery Set GALLIVANT Nomad Discovery Set GALLIVANT Nomad Discovery Set
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GALLIVANT Nomad Discovery Set



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Discover the award winning unisex, vegan fragrances from GALLIVANT. Hand made in Britain, the signature box includes 10 x 1.2ml spray perfumes in:

  • Berlin -  an elegant citrus woody perfume.
  • Brooklyn - the fizz of an urban playground, fresh and fun.
  • Bukhara - Silk Road sophistication with a journey to Central Asia.
  • Gdańsk - warm, earthy, smoky with a mysterious amber, the Baltic gold.
  • Istanbul - loved by all, warm and spicy east meets west.
  • London - a suede, leather and rose perfume, inspired by our hometown.
  • Los Angeles - a feel-good fragrance, with marine, floral and smoky notes. Winner of "Best Niche Fragrance of 2020"
  • Naples - salty sea air, smoke, charming Neapolitan decadence.
  • Tel Aviv - our favourite beach city on the Med. A contemporary floral.
  • Tokyo - a calming incense with sandalwood and hinoki. Another award-winner!

Saison is an official Australian stockist of GALLIVANT.


Top Notes: grapefruit, clementine, lemon and schinus molle CO2 extract
Heart Notes: black pepper and black tea
Base Notes: Haitian vetiver, cedarwood and patchouli.

Top Notes: bergamot, squeezed lemon and orange juice. incense, cardamom, fresh air and ozonic notes
Heart Notes: magnolia, orris root and transparent flowers
Base Notes: musks, white woods, benzoin, amber

Top Notes: coriander, caraway, bergamot, pear
Heart Notes: iris, clove, jasmine, apricot
Base Notes: saffron, benzoin, musk, amber, woody notes

Top Notes: plum, honey, cardamom, nutmeg, saffron
Heart Notes: leather notes, cistus absolute, sustainable sandlewood oil, patchouli, incense resinoid, rose
Base Notes: tobacco absolute, cypriol, styrax (liquidambar), vanilla, musks, ambergris (plant-derived substitute)

Top Notes: bergamot, cardamom, red thyme
Heart Notes: lavender absolute, egyptian geranium essence, patchouli heart, sweet myrrh (opoponax) essence
Base Notes: sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, amber, musks

Top Notes: cucumber, violet leaves
Heart Notes: rose de mai absolute, rose oil, orris root
Base Notes: leather, sandalwood, patchouli, cedarwood

Los Angeles
Top Notes: eucalyptus, clary sage, mandarin, pineapple
Heart Notes: narcissus, tuberose
Base Notes: cade, guaiac, nagarmotha, musks, helitotrope

Top Notes: ginger, pink pepper CO2, bergamot, sea salt, airy ozonic notes
Heart Notes: incense resinoid, fumencens, cardamom, nutmeg, leathery, labdanum
Base Notes: guaiac wood, clearwood, patchouli, birch, vetiver, amber

Tel Aviv
Top Notes: clementine, bergamot, blackcurrant bud
Heart Notes: jasmine sambac absolute, Comoros’ ylang ylang, rose oil, freesia
Base Notes: sandalwood, musks,benzoin

Top Notes: citrusy, spicy head of yuzu, bergamot, black pepper and cardamom, electrified with a dash of wasabi
Heart Notes: hinoki, cedarwood, orris root, nutmeg, rose and incense
Base Notes: amber, sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver


‐ Vegan & cruelty-free
‐ Unisex fragrance
‐ Made in England
‐ 10 x 1.2ml


Where are Gallivant products made? Gallivant make their fragrance oil (or concentrate, as they call it) in a magical place in the hills above Grasse, in the south of France. They then bring this to our manufacturer in the Cotswolds, England, where it's mixed with fermentation grade non-synthetic alcohol, bottled, and assembled into its outer packaging (which is made by a small family-owned printer in Kent). It's a genuinely small-batch, artisan production. There's a lot of hands-on attention and genuine care and respect for the materials Gallivant work with.

Are Gallivant perfumes animal tested? That's a definite 'no.' Gallivant is a cruelty-free brand.

I'm vegan, or vegetarian - can I wear Gallivant perfumes? Yes; Gallivant perfumes are vegan-friendly - they do not use animal products in their formulations. And they do not test on animals.

Are Gallivant products 'clean' or 'non-toxic'? There are a lot of buzzwords around and many are poorly defined. At worst, there is some ill-informed scaremongering. Gallivant is not about marketing gimmicks. The founder and creator of Gallivant Nick Steward, as someone with years of experience in perfume-making, explains that Gallivant take this incredibly seriously, and go into a lot of detail with their formulations. Nick develops Gallivant's fragrances on his own skin, in the confidence that he investigates every single ingredient they use in their perfumes. Gallivant take pride in the materials they use, and how they work with them - they work within a small-batch production ethos. Gallivant is also strictly regulated by European Cosmetic & Perfume rules, and they respect and follow the International Fragrance Association rules too - designed to preserve and protect materials.

Gallivant do not add silicones, parabens, harsh sulfates (like SLS, SLES, ALS), ethanolamine, formaldehydes (or formaldehyde releasers), phthalates, PEGs, or chemical SPFs. So that would make their perfumes 'clean.' The alcohol Gallivant use is a non-synthetic fermentation grade. And on the topic of buzzwords, Gallivant also work in an ethical and sustainable way (like paying their partners on time! and taking the time to get to know the people they work with) so it's not just about making ‘good’ products or 'corporate responsibility marketing' claims and labels, it's about behaving intelligently, positively and with good manners. Above all, Gallivant choose to work in a slow and thoughtful way.




GALLIVANT is a London based indie perfume brand, founded by former L'artisan Parfumeur Creative Director - Nick Steward. GALLIVANT is about urban exploration. The collection of unisex Eau de Parfum is inspired by the breezy vibe of the coolest, most creative urban destinations. GALLIVANT is about feet-on-the-ground exploration. The freedom to wander and travel. It’s about getting out into the world and discovery. It’s about finding that new place, the next neighbourhood. Chance encounters. It's about being in the moment. The fragrances are not only about capturing the experience of travel, but about making life easier – which is why GALLIVANT has designed a travel-friendly sized bottle, perfect for slipping into your bag, or hand luggage.

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