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Redecker Cedar Coat Hanger Rings Redecker Cedar Coat Hanger Rings Redecker Cedar Coat Hanger Rings Redecker Cedar Coat Hanger Rings
Redecker Cedar Coat Hanger Rings Redecker Cedar Coat Hanger Rings Redecker Cedar Coat Hanger Rings Redecker Cedar Coat Hanger Rings
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Redecker Cedar Coat Hanger Rings



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Redecker Cedar Hanger Rings are made from untreated red cedar, a wood that naturally repels moths while bringing the scent of the forest to your wardrobe. Simply slip the rings over the necks of your clothes hangers to protect and freshen your wardrobe. Refresh and invigorate the rings over time with Redecker Cedar Oil. Contains 10 cedar rings. 

Exclusively imported and distributed by Saison. 


‐ Vegan
‐ 100% natural
‐ 100% biodegradable
‐ Untreated cedar wood
‐ 10 pieces
‐ Made in China
‐ Ø 4.5 cm

How to use

Place 2 - 5 cedar pieces up per wardrobe unit in such a way that they are not covered by clothes. In drawers or storage compartments 2 pieces are adequate. Place the cedar items on a piece of paper to protect the clothing from the oils in the cedar. When the scent begins to fade, rough the wood slightly with sandpaper.

The Redecker Way

What makes a Redecker product so special?
Redecker products are not only beautiful, they are also practical. Redecker always make sure to choose natural, renewable resources when they select their materials. Every product is critically inspected and thoroughly tested by every Redecker family member and employee before it even makes it into their catalogue. Redecker firmly believe that quality and sustainability always prove themselves and that this must, and eventually will, become more and more important in our “throwaway society.”




Germany's Redecker is a family business who have been crafting wonderful artisan brushware since 1935. Famous around the world for their quality design, functionality and use of sustainable wood and natural fibres, this tradition inspired collection features quality kitchen, housekeeping, garden, spa and grooming products, many of which are made by in-house craftsman in Redecker's workshop. Specifically designed for the task at hand, Redecker’s range includes innovative brushes for scrubbing dishes and bottles, right down to wooden brushes for cleaning mushrooms, BBQ's and even oysters and mussels!

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