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Meo Fusciuni Narcotico Parfum - 100ml Meo Fusciuni Narcotico Parfum - 100ml Meo Fusciuni Narcotico Parfum - 100ml Meo Fusciuni Narcotico Parfum - 100ml
Meo Fusciuni Narcotico Parfum - 100ml Meo Fusciuni Narcotico Parfum - 100ml Meo Fusciuni Narcotico Parfum - 100ml Meo Fusciuni Narcotico Parfum - 100ml
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Meo Fusciuni Narcotico Parfum - 100ml



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Meo Fusciuni Narcotico Parfum is the first chapter of the Mystic Trilogy, beginning a journey into physical and spiritual. Narcotic is a personal journey in each of us, a journey deep in olfactory memories that go beyond what can really be described in the olfactory pyramid. The inspiration originates from the beloved city of Palermo, with its alleys and churches. Palermo is a place of contrasts, a symbolic place for Meo Fusciuni. Narcotico is a very special fragrance, described perfectly by the saying "love or hate".


The top note of Narcotico is strong, pungent, surprising, and initially almost shocking. The scents of thyme, oud, incense, and patchouli are impressive but as often happens in Meo's works, after a few minutes everything unravels in secret places. The heart notes are opened with the welcoming agreement of the Tonka bean and benzoin, everything softens, everything becomes more familiar, humoral. The base is another meeting/clash between the sweet scents of vanilla and the scorbutic Patchouli, which we often meet in Meo's works, even if present in different olfactory tones. The plant moss gives this work a very particular and persistent background.

Top Notes: incense, thyme
Heart Notes: tonka bean, benzoin
Base Notes: patchouli, vanilla, musk, oud


‐ Nose - Guiseppe Imprezzabile
‐ Unisex fragrance
‐ Parfum concentration
‐ 79% alcohol of vegetal origin
‐ Made in Italy
‐ 100ml


In the summer
I waited on the church steps,
I didn't enter,
but I stared sacred corners,
stone faces.
On the church steps,
the smell of warm human feelings
was narcotic,
I used to wait in front of these faces.
I have found my soul
in a cathedral of mirrors, away,
beyond the sea;
there were also my thoughts,
I felt their breath, their scent.
In this nacotic smell
I have found my way,
a silent journey
almost forgetting myself.


Alcohol denat, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), alpha-isomethyl ionone, butylphenyl methylpropional, eugenol, hexyl cinnamal, linalool.

Meo Fusciuni

Meo Fusciuni
Meo Fusciuni

Meo Fusciuni

Born from the definition of artistic perfume as olfactory memory, Meo Fusciuni blend exquisite fragrances that recall moments of life lived, in a unique and exciting collection, the olfactory vision of a modern and nomadic artist. The brand was founded in 2010 by visionaries Meo Fusciuni and Federica Castellani.

Meo Fusciuni considers itself a niche brand, not intended for mass work. The fragrance is made using traditional and innovative methods, using both natural and high quality raw materials from all over the world. Everything related to the manufacturing and production, ranging from maturation to packaging, everything is done strictly in Italy.

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