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5 Scents to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

5 Scents to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

Our sense of smell may be invisible, but it is incredibly powerful; with the ability to evoke a vast array of emotions and feelings from vitality to relaxation. This is why finding the right scent for the right feeling is so important, and why we have put together five scents to make your home your sanctuary! These five scents are some of our favourite, with a range of products available from Saison delivered to your door. Browse through the catalogue here.


1. Santal Vanille - Voluspa

Santal Vanille is a new take on a classic home fragrance from Voluspa. We think this scent is perfect for your home, marrying creamy notes of french bourbon vanilla anchored by warm woody notes of oud and sandalwood. Smooth and sensual with brilliant colour pattern designs; the Santal Vanille range looks as good as it smells, inspired by the fine art of Chiyogami Japanese paper making. This is a seriously stunning fragrance. From candles to room mists and diffusers; see the whole range here.


2. White Moss - Acca Kappa

White Moss is Acca Kappa's most desired and sought after scent; a harmonious blend of sweet, sensual notes that exude a natural elegance. White Moss opens with refreshing top notes of lemon, bergamot, juniper, and citrus accord. The heart of White Moss are notes of aldehyde, cardamom, lavender, and sweet woods. The comforting base notes of white musk, amber accord, and cedar wood make this scent perfect company! What makes the White Moss range so perfect for making your home your sanctuary is the range of ways to enjoy it; from diffusers, to parfum, to room sprays! See them all here. 


3. Relax - Ha Ko Paper Incense

Here at Saison we are especially excited about the newly arrived Relax scent from Ha Ko Paper Incense. We just can't get enough of the exquisite design and intricacy of Ha Ko's paper incense, and it almost goes without saying that Relax is just what we all need in our home right now. Winner of the 2019 Good Design Award, the deep aroma of Relax will immerse your living space with a scent reminiscent of a quiet forest. With notes of vetiver, cypress, hiba and bergamot; Relax is sure to relieve tension and calm the mind. These incense can be experienced as a potpourri or just like incense sticks. We know you are excited to see the range, so click here to peruse at your pleasure.


4. Fleur De Mimosa - Kerzon

Fleur de Mimosa, or as it is known in Australia; Wattle flower - is a solar and luminous scent from Kerzon. This fresh and radiant scent is available as a natural wax candle, part of Kerzon's amazing Herbarium range. Rich and warm, the fragrance reveals slightly sweet citrusy head notes, an iridescent floral heart, and a woody cedar and cashmere background. Each burn invites you to live a walk on the Riviera at sunrise, cool air against your skin, greeted by the first rays of sun. Like all the candles in the Herbarium range this is a great way to bring the outside in, to turn your home into an oasis. See the rest of the range here. 


5. Sous L'Oliver - Esteban

The last scent in this feature, but far from the least is the aromatic and woody Sous L'Oliver from Esteban. Journey to the heart of Provence where olive trees grow in abundance. This scent layers generous notes of olive leaves, lavender, jasmine, green fig, olive wood and sandalwood. Sous L'Oliver offers a stylish and understated ambience for your living space. We are in love with this scent and think you will be too, available in a decorative candle, refillable diffuser, room spray, bamboo incense and refresher oil. Have a closer look here.


If you would like to discover more ways to make your home your sanctuary spend some time with our catalogue here.

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