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27 87 Per sē Eau de Parfum - 87ml 27 87 Per sē Eau de Parfum - 87ml 27 87 Per sē Eau de Parfum - 87ml 27 87 Per sē Eau de Parfum - 87ml
27 87 Per sē Eau de Parfum - 87ml 27 87 Per sē Eau de Parfum - 87ml 27 87 Per sē Eau de Parfum - 87ml 27 87 Per sē Eau de Parfum - 87ml
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27 87 Per sē Eau de Parfum - 87ml



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Per sē [/ˌpɝː ˈseɪ/ from Latin per sē “by itself”] is not a scent. It’s a sensory experience. From its avant-garde composition to its minimalist design, it echoes a new sensory universe that expands beyond the bottle. Per Sē is 27 87's scent identity and the olfactive translation of their core belief: there is no scent like the present. It combines the now. The achromatic, and the individual in a sensory experience.

“In creating Per sē, we aimed to capture the very essence of the present moment. This fragrance is unparalleled; it ebbs and flows with the dynamism of change, yet its core remains strikingly constant. Just as time never stops, neither does ‘Per sē’. It serves as evidence of the enduring within the ever-changing.”

Crafting a symphony of achromatic elegance, Per sē is composed of a floral bouquet, orris butter, and violet leaves. Juxtaposed with clean aldehydes, bamboo, and a pinch of spicy pep- per, a subtle underscore of ambrette seeds, angelica roots, and gentle musk complete the incomparable experience of the sensory now. It’s a scent that invites, enchants, and evokes the present in all its multifaceted grandeur. Per sē is the industry’s first olfactive logo that encapsulates the essence of the now.

2787's perfume bottles follow clear, minimalist lines that are a canvas — not a competition — for their content. Made in Barcelona, Spain.


Top notes: violet leaves, pink and black pepper, aldehydes
Heart notes: bamboo, orris butter, floral bouquet
Base notes: angelica root, ambrette seeds, musk


‐ Vegan
‐ Cruelty free
‐ Clean ingredients
‐ Gender-neutral
‐ Expertly crafted in Barcelona, Spain
‐ 87ml


WHAT IS NICHE OR ARTISTIC PERFUMERY? For 27 87 the definition of niche or the artistic perfumery is the motivation behind the creation. Artistic perfumes transmit emotions and tell a personal story, they are not motivated by the market trends neither have any limitations in terms of concept or composition. Like in arts – artistic perfumery is first and foremost a self-expression, a personal message, a statement. We create perfumes only! 27 87 perfumes chose to represent the modern lifestyle by creating unusual and interesting scent compositions that reflect today’s culture and turn the attention towards locally handcrafted artisanal production.

CAN I WEAR SEVERAL 27 87 PERFUMES AT ONCE? It depends on you. All our scents are completely different from each other – they have their own unique scent personality and are designed to be worn alone. Combining and wearing them at the same time would be like wearing all sorts of colours and textures in one – they might kill each other. The only perfume that is designed to act as a scent booster and is aligned with all other perfumes is GENETIC BLISS – you can wear it in combination with every 27 87 perfume. However, the main point of wearing perfume is a self-expression and smelling the way you want, so feel free to experiment with special combinations depending on your body chemistry and the momentum.

HOW LONG DO 27 87 PERFUMES LAST? The long-lastingness of a scent depends on many external factors, such as weather conditions, humidity, skin type, etc. You can prolong the life of a scent on your skin by applying an unscented lotion, cream or oil before the application of your favourite perfume. All our perfumes are designed to last as long as possible while maintaining the integrity of the intended scent – most of our scents last up to the whole day. When using on the fabrics and clothing the lifespan of a scent might be longer than a day.

WHAT IS THE CONCENTRATION OF 27 87 PERFUMES? The concentration depends on the perfume, as the percentage of concentration influences which facet of the scent is more dominant and recognizable, we decided to choose the concentration of each perfume according to the olfactive facet we are looking for to emphasize on. However, we are always making sure that each and every 27 87 perfume is as long-lasting as possible and has a concentration of Eau de Parfum.

ARE THE INGREDIENTS USED IN 27 87 PERFUMES 100% NATURAL? No. 27 87 perfumes are modern, and we prefer not to kill it by smelling like Louis XIV. Natural ingredients give depth and richness to the scent, while synthetic ingredients bring out the diversity. If to speak about the quality, then the synthetic raw materials are not of an inferior quality to the natural ones, quite the opposite. We are very conscious of our surroundings and use synthetic ingredients that help to preserve the environment.


Alcohol Denat., Parfum, Aqua, Hydroxycitronellal, Limonene, Linalool.

This ingredient list is subject to change. Please check your product packaging for the most up to date ingredient listing.




27 87 Perfumes redefine luxury in the simplest terms: the contemporary fragrance house invests in unique, top-quality ingredients and meticulous research. Expert traditional craftsmanship by local Barcelona artisans work to create perfumes that are long-lasting, blended to evolve over time, and always a bit unforeseen. 27 87 delivers four collections each reflective of a distinct state of mind... discover and embrace the Now Line, Go Line, Calm Line and Wild Line. Proudly and confidently trendless, 27 87 bottles follow clear, minimalist lines that are a canvas —not a competition— for their content.

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