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The Laundress Make Messes Kit - Value $98 The Laundress Make Messes Kit - Value $98 The Laundress Make Messes Kit - Value $98 The Laundress Make Messes Kit - Value $98
The Laundress Make Messes Kit - Value $98 The Laundress Make Messes Kit - Value $98 The Laundress Make Messes Kit - Value $98 The Laundress Make Messes Kit - Value $98
Value Bundle
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The Laundress Make Messes Kit - Value $98



OVER $100

This value bundle includes everything you need for making messes! The nontoxic, biodegradable All Purpose Bleach Alternative works wonders to safely remove dirt, stains, and odours. It can also be used to clean your home-floors, tiles, sinks and surfaces. Tackle tough stains with the Stain Solution and Wash & Stain Bar, whether you’re rescuing a brand-new shirt or reviving your antique bedding and heirlooms.

With each carefully crafted Laundress product washing is a delight, offering excellent value per wash compared to both natural and supermarket brands.

Exclusively imported and distributed by Saison.

Fragrance|How to use

Classic, the ultimate “clean laundry smell,” blending lily of the valley and jasmine with sweet musk, sandalwood, and a touch of citrus.|Pretreating stains: mix 1/2 capful of Bleach Alternative with stain solution or lather soap bar with water and soak. Wipe away excess soap or launder as normal.
Presoak diny whites, dull colours & odours: add 1 capful Bleach Alternative to hot water & presoak.
Boost, whiten & brighten: add 2 capfuls Bleach Alternative to the washing cycle with detergent.

To prevent adverse reactions such as permanent color loss, always test the product on an inconspicuous spot first.
Do not leave product on item(s) or use to soak for longer than 30 minutes.


Bundle includes:
‐ All Purpose Bleach Alternative 1L
‐ Stain Solution 475ml
‐ Wash & Stain Bar 55gm

‐ Bleach Alternative & Stain Solution Fragrance free
‐ Wash & Stain Bar scented in Classic
‐ Ideal for color-rich (tannin) stains
‐ Nontoxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free
‐ Dermatologist tested
‐ Colour and texture may vary with natural ingredients
‐ Free of petroleum, phosphate, phthalates, and artificial colour
‐ Cruelty-free, no animal by-products
‐ Assembled in the U.S.A

Did you know...

Ideal for dirt, grease, and oil-based stains such as ring-around-the-collar, cuff discolouration, lotion, makeup, and salad dressing. This bar is also effective on gum, sap, tar, and sticky residue.

Stains build up over time. The Laundress recommend pretreating with every load to prevent and remove stains and odours. While you may not notice a stain today, it is especially important to pretreat areas that are susceptible to buildup, such as underarms, collars, and cuffs.

Ninety percent of items labeled “dry clean” can be laundered using Delicate Wash or at least spot treated. Dry-clean-only or unlaunderable items such as suits or upholstery can be spot treated using the Wash & Stain Bar to remove stains and odour.

Pretreat and presoak before washing.
Test when in doubt.
Have on hand in any laundry room or suitcase.


All Purpose Bleach Alternative: Chlorine-free oxygen bleach (sodium percarbonate)

Stain Solution: Concentrated blend of plant-derived anionic and nonionic surfactants.

Wash & Stain Bar: Vegetable soap, borax, essential oils, and fragrance.

The Laundress

The Laundress
The Laundress

The Laundress

The Laundress was founded in 2004 by Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd. The New York based creatives have developed a conscious collection of detergent, fabric care, and home cleaning products that take excellent care of you, the things you love, and the environment. With a less-is-more approach The Laundress aim to turn life's necessary chores into an enjoyable experience with thoughtful, effective products.

A little goes a long way and The Laundress formulas contain a revolutionary and hardworking blend of premium, active ingredients without the unnecessary additives like artificial colours, phthalates, and parabens. They are highly concentrated and contain less water, translating to more washes per bottle while reducing packaging and carbon emissions!

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