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Nippon Kodo Memories Incense Bundle - Value $60 Nippon Kodo Memories Incense Bundle - Value $60 Nippon Kodo Memories Incense Bundle - Value $60
Nippon Kodo Memories Incense Bundle - Value $60 Nippon Kodo Memories Incense Bundle - Value $60 Nippon Kodo Memories Incense Bundle - Value $60
Value Bundle
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Nippon Kodo Memories Incense Bundle - Value $60



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Nippon Kodo's Memories Collection takes you on a journey to the most relaxing places on earth with nature's enchanting scents preserved as incense. This value bundle includes three best selling fragrances; Spring Leaves, Siesta Siesta, and Silk Road Dream. Each pack includes a bespoke ceramic incense holder and 20 aromatic sticks with an approximate burn time of 25 minutes each.

Spring Leaves Incense conjures up the sound of leaves rustling in the wind. A greenery that grows thick and vivid, with a fragrance that is felt with the whole body. A soothing moment, in which you can forget about your busy day-to-day life. A faint breeze, with a scent inspired by nature. Gentle greenery.

Siesta Siesta Incense is inspired whole heartedly by glorious Spain, known as the country of sun and passion. Summers in southern Spain are blazingly hot, with temperatures regularly above 40 degrees Celsius. The comfort of the shade beneath the trees. Siestas, in this kind of weather, are important! Add a touch of fragrance to your siesta, and relax and unwind. 

The Silk Road is an ancient trade route that cuts horizontally through Central Asia. The sand dunes are thought to be the most beautiful on the Silk Road, stretching for about 20 kilometres. Silk Road Dreams Incense take you to these magical lands as you traverse the dunes, you feel your emotions swell, imagining the caravans full of people that risked their lives to travel this path. Made in Japan. 

Exclusively imported and officially distributed in Australia by Saison.


‐ 3x recyclable cardboard boxes
‐ Includes 20 sticks in each box
‐ No bamboo core for a clean burn, pure scent
‐ Includes mini ceramic incense holder
‐ Burn time: Approx. 25min
‐ Expertly crafted in Japan
‐ Measures 10cm in length

How to use

Stick incense are the most popular of all types of incense. Place the incense stick in an incense holder and light the end, then blow out the flame. An incense holder that is big enough to catch the ash that will fall as the stick burns will be best for cleaning up afterwards.

Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo
Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo’s products have unique fragrances. These fragrances come from tying together closely guarded preparation skills that are more than 400 years old with the sensitivities of modern perfumers. Nippon Kodo inherited their skills through writings on the mixture of aromatic woods by Takai Juemon, an incense preparer who supplied the Emperor of Japan in Japan’s Tensho era (late 16th century). Perfumers with Japan’s best noses and instincts interpret and evolve that tradition to create exquisite fragrances.

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