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CRA-YON Fragrance Flight 3 x 10ml CRA-YON Fragrance Flight 3 x 10ml CRA-YON Fragrance Flight 3 x 10ml CRA-YON Fragrance Flight 3 x 10ml
CRA-YON Fragrance Flight 3 x 10ml CRA-YON Fragrance Flight 3 x 10ml CRA-YON Fragrance Flight 3 x 10ml CRA-YON Fragrance Flight 3 x 10ml

CRA-YON Fragrance Flight 3 x 10ml



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Eau de Parfum for real world moments! CRA-YON's Fragrance Flight 001 is a presentation box of the three hyped CRA-YON scents: Sand Service, Vanilla CEO and Passport Amour. Housed in 3 x 10ml spray bottles that are perfect for travel and on-the-go application. 

A good scent amplifies moments in life. The sense of smell has an amazing ability to add energy and self confidence. The scents work as invisible superpowers and the Pocket Perfume is made to bring along on your journey for work, play and leisure. The Fragrance Flight Kit is also a great way to be introduced to the scents and the perfect gift to someone special.” - CRA-YON


Sand Service
Top Notes: violet leaf, cardamom
Heart Notes: orris, papyrus
Base Notes: amber, leather, cedarwood, sandalwood

Vanilla CEO
Top Notes: cyclamen, orange blossom, bergamot, mandarin
Heart Notes: vanilla orchid
Base Notes: amber, wood

Passport Amour
Top Notes: damask rose
Heart Notes: agarwood, carnation, patchouli, cedarwood
Base Notes: musk, sandalwood, amber


‐ 100% vegan
‐ Cruelty Free
‐ Beyond gender
‐ Made in Sweden
‐ 3 x 10ml.


What's the story behind the name 'CRA-YON'?
The name CRA-YON is a typographic play with the word Crayon. A great perfume will add colour, energy and enrich your world. The CRA-YON fragrance collection adds color to your social calender and lets you become the best version of your self in different situations and moods.

Where is the production located?
Everything is assembled in Stockholm, Sweden. The perfumes are developed in close collaboration with CRA-YON's perfumers in France.

What is the quality of the fragrance?
Eau de Parfum. CRA-YON have over 12 years experience in the high end fragrance market creating award winning scents for AGONIST, Hotels & other brands, so the scents are of the best quality.




Founded in Sweden, CRA-YON aim to make fragrance relevant and fun with a modern twist. A good scent has an amazing ability to empower you at any given time and situation. They have created the perfect scent wardrobe that matches your social calendar. The perfect confidence builders for work, play and love. CRA-YON have stripped down all excessive elements often used in luxury packaging in order to offer a sustainable and refined packaging design without breaking the bank. No overpriced extravagant caps. Just great scents.

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