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Arithmos Body Oil Discovery Set - 3 x 15ml Arithmos Body Oil Discovery Set - 3 x 15ml Arithmos Body Oil Discovery Set - 3 x 15ml Arithmos Body Oil Discovery Set - 3 x 15ml
Arithmos Body Oil Discovery Set - 3 x 15ml Arithmos Body Oil Discovery Set - 3 x 15ml Arithmos Body Oil Discovery Set - 3 x 15ml Arithmos Body Oil Discovery Set - 3 x 15ml
Official stockist

Arithmos Body Oil Discovery Set - 3 x 15ml



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DE-STRESS: Exotic cedarwood and sandalwood essential oils lend a smoky, woody scent to this luxurious body oil. Take a deep breath and feel your tension melt away, while a blend of emollient oils moisturise skin leaving it feeling silky and plump with a healthy radiance.

SOOTHE: Imbued with floral notes of rose and geranium, this lightweight miracle worker sinks in immediately, bringing instant relief to dry, tight skin. Skin feels velvety soft and smooth, while you feel calm and composed.

UPLIFT: Treat skin to this decadent botanical body oil blend that’s a panacea for sensitive, easily irritated skin. Redness is calmed, parched skin feels replenished and has a healthy radiance, while the bright floral notes of jasmine and neroli invigorate your senses.

Saison is an official stockist. Made in Melbourne, Australia in micro-batches. 3 x 15ml.

How to use

Apply daily after a warm bath or shower while your skin is still damp. Massage it into your skin until completely absorbed. Few drops go a long way.


WHAT IS THE SHELF LIFE OF MY ARITHMOS BODY OIL? Every Arithmos product has a product label on the bottom of the bottle which states when the product is made. The typical shelf life of the products is 18 months after the production date. We recommend using your Arithmos body oil within nine months after opening the bottle to enjoy our products at their peak potency.

ARE ARITHMOS’ BODY OILS SAFE FOR PREGNANCY? All of Arithmos' products are made with plant-based and essential oils in concentrations that are reasonably safe for pregnancy and lactation. However, as every pregnancy can be different, we highly recommend speaking with your doctor for more specific advice.

DO ARITHMOS’ BODY OILS HAVE ADDED FRAGRANCES? Arithmos do not add any artificial fragrances into their products. The scents you smell come naturally from the plant-based oils, and are testament to the freshness and quality of the ingredients used.




Founded in Melbourne by the talented certified Cosmetic Chemist, Michelle Wang, Arithmos was inspired by concerns for her young daughter’s dry and itchy skin condition. Michelle plunged herself into extensive research on the benefits of botanical oils, to create a collection that relieved and rejuvenated her daughter’s skin... and eventually Arithmos as we know it was born.

Each freshly formulated bottle has been meticulously hand-blended with precision and attention to detail. Seasonally sourced ingredients. Micro-batches. Blended by hand. Exceptional body care. These products contain no parabens, emulsifiers, surfactants, fragrances, thickeners, synthetic preservatives, nuts, mineral or palm oils. Certified Vegan.

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