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Most Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. Is Saison's website a secure shopping site?
    2. How do Saison's promotional codes work?
    3. Do you accept international orders?
    4. I have a retail store and would like to stock Saison's brands in my store. What do I need to do?
    5. Can I purchase items displayed on your website from a store?
    6. Can I return my website purchase to a store that sells Saison brands?
    7. What kind of wick's do the brands featured on www.saison.com.au use?
    8. Do candles featured on www.saison.com.au tunnel or burn unevenly?
    9. My candle seems to be 'sweating,' is this normal?
    10. What type of wax is used in the candles featured on www.saison.com.au?
    11. How will my Saison order be shipped and what is the cost?
    12. After my candle has burned, a blackened colour appears on the glass.
    13. My candle is not 100% white in colour, and has a yellow hue to it. Is the candle ok to burn?
    14. When will my Saison order arrive?
    15. How do I track my Saison order?
    16. Can I request special instructions for delivery of my Saison order?
    17. What payment methods does Saison accept?
    18. I am purchasing a gift. Can I have my Saison order gift wrapped?
    19. Who do I contact if there is a problem with my Saison order?
    20. What is Saison's refund and exchange policy?