Spuma di Sciampagna

Spuma di Sciampagna

Make every day a celebration with Spuma di Sciampagna bath and body products! Beloved by Italian families since the 1930s, this classic champagne-inspired collection of bath and body products features luxurious bubbles, beautiful scents and classic Art Deco packaging. The mild formulas are gentle enough for sensitive skin, so everyone can enjoy an indulgent cleansing experience. Saison offers free shipping on all online orders over $100. Complimentary samples are also included with all orders.

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  • Spuma di Sciampagna Soap

    The 'Champagne Bath' as it is called in Italy. This ultra softening soap bar has been a family favorite in Italy for centuries. Its divine fragrance and gossamer texture leaves you clean and refreshed! Made in Italy. 100gm

  • Spuma di Sciampagna Perfumed Talc

    Prepared with the finest ingredients, Spuma di Sciampagna Talc has excellent hygienic and dermatological properties. Its perspiration regulating action makes it an irreplaceable toiletry product for adults and children alike. The inimitable fragrance of Spuma di Sciampagna achieves a perfect aromatherapeutic balance: An exclusive bouquet of rose and vanilla that caresses the body and mind. Made in Italy. 200gm 

  • Spuma di Sciampagna Hand & Body Wash

    Spuma di Sciampagna's Hand & Body Wash features Sericin - a soluble protein obtained from silk. Renowned for its excellent moisturizing properties Sericin leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. The perfect balance of rose and lavender floral scents combined with warm vanilla notes activate positive sensations for the mind and body. Made in Italy. 250ml