Amarelli of Italy

Amarelli of Italy

Since the 16th Century, the Amarelli family have been producing the most highly regarded liquorice products in the world. Based in sun drenched Rossano - an historic byzantine town in Southern Italy, Amarelli uses traditional manufacturing processes to produce an astonishing assortment of liquorice products. Only the finest ingredients sourced from the best plants of the Ionian coast of Calabria are used. Each traditional recipe draws upon Amarelli's refreshing yet bitter flavour. Since 1731 food connoisseurs have adored Amarelli's world famous hard and soft liquorice candy sweets. In recent years Amarelli have added liquorice based liquors, chocolates and herbal teas to their exquisite offering. Italians also find the liquorice useful to soothe the throat and as a digestive. Amarelli calls upon their extraordinary archives to influence today's packaging... each quality tin features a different historical design that is both to be admired and collected.

If you're lucky enough to be travelling to Italy anytime soon, the unique history of this heritage brand can be found in the 'Giorgio Amarelli’s Museum'. The stunning Museum is located inside the historical mansion which has been in the possession of the Amarelli family since the late fifteenth century. The architectural building has been graced by interventions in the seventeenth century, with ancient rooms, brick floors and cobblestones, citrus gardens and a small church included. Moreover the museum itself presents the economical history of the Southern Italy through the story of the firm and the family. Saison is an official retailer of Amarelli in Australia.

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